Best Power Leveling Guides For World Of Warcraft

Reviewer: Sebastian McMahon

Best WoW Power Leveling Guides – Ultimate Wow Guide (Dugi Guides)

Dugi power leveling guide map
Official Website:

Rating:5 Stars

The Ultimate WoW Guide is part of Dugi Guides, and contains Addons designed to streamline and enhance a WoW players experience. Contained within the package are guides for Loremaster, Daily Quests, Achievement, Gold and Profession Guides as well as Power Leveling and Gear Guides.

Ultimate WoW Guides integrates seamlessly into any User Interface, offering an easy to read, concise and always updated Addon Suite that is easy to install and needs very little configuration. One of the biggest advantages of the Ultimate WoW guide is the fact it offers built in guides for all of the major World of Warcraft holiday events.

Some of the other benefits of the Ultimate WoW Guide include easy Questing (with an enhanced waypoint system pointing to the next objective), easy quest reward and upgrade tracking (Via the Gear Advisor) and detailed guides on Warlords of Draenor Daily Quests.

Best WoW Power Leveling Guides – Zygor Guides

Official Website:

Zygor CD CoverRating:4.5 Stars

Zygor’s Guides have been a staple of the World of Warcraft Premium Leveling Addons for many years now. With thousands of subscribers and a comprehensive suite of addons, it offers a streamlined and easy to use way of leveling characters.

Like many other guides it offers tracking and help with Achievements, Loremaster, Leveling, Daily Quests, Titles and Rep, Professions and Dungeons. In addition to these, Zygor’s also contains guides to get the very best Vanity and Combat Pets, Mounts, and guides on how to build Macros.

With an in house questing waypoint addon, Zygor’s offers a robust system for moving through the leveling, and daily process, as effortlessly as possible. It is frequently updated for all major patches

The one thing that sets it back a bit is the price and the ease of installation. Zygor’s requires some customization, and for a new player this could seem complex and arcane. Despite this small setback, Zygor’s is an excellent addon to use for any player.

Best WoW Power Leveling Guides – X-Elerated Warcraft Guides

Official Website:

xelerated warcraft mini reviewRating:4.5 Stars

X-Elerated Warcraft Guides is series of guides and Addons designed to streamline a players gold intake and leveling process.

While it has some in house built Addons, it relies heavily on traditional “free” addons such as Auctioneer and Gathermate. It focuses more on Gold and Leveling Guides, and is not nearly as comprehensive when it comes to Achievements or Dailies (YET), and offers littler in the way of support for Gear, Dungeon or Raiding environments.

X-Elerated is a series of guides for the player who doesn’t want to use complex addons that clutter up your screen, but it also loses a significant amount of information with those. It was originally designed around a primarily leveling addon, and it is obvious that the other features were secondary thoughts to allow it to compete in a growing market of Warcraft Guides.

The actual leveling content is very well done, with many in house built addons and in game maps, but it is hard to put it against the other suites that offer so much more.

Best WoW Power Leveling Guides – Booster (Manaview)

Official Website:

Booster Addon mini reviewRating:3.5 Stars

Booster is a singular Addon that is part of the Dynasty Suite of Addons.

Like the other addons, it offers a service to help streamline the leveling progression, but without any of the frills or other advantages.

While it offers the traditional Leveling Arrow and integration into WoWhead, it also offers help with Glyph and Talent selection, with tips and tricks from the makers of the program.

The problem with Booster is that it stands alone with a singular purpose. Helping a player get to level 100 quickly is something that free addons do, and it doesn’t do significantly more than what one could get without needing to pay a monthly fee. Besides, I noticed when testing it that it isn’t as up to date as the other addons.

While the installation and customization is easy, getting Booster by itself without looking at the other Manaview addons would be a waste. Where other Premium Addon packs offer multiple benefits for one price, Booster offers just one, hyper-focused product.

DynastyAddons does offer a comprehensive suite of addons that match what the others do, but they require additional costs. For the price point, Booster is the weakest of the four.

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