WoW Balance Druid Build Patch 5.4 – Glyphs – Stat Priority – Rotation

The Chicken Beast. Boomkin. These are both titles for the Balance Druid, due to the shapeshifted form of a Moonkin, a half Owl/half bear.

The Balance Druid employs a unique resource for doing damage, one that was introduced in rudimentary forms over the years, but finally stabilized in Mists of Pandaria.

Moonkin have spells from two school, Nature and Arcane, and casting spells from one school moves them closer to Eclipse which, when achieved, empowers the spells from the other school.

To properly play a Moonkin one most adjust based on Eclipse, while maintain several DoT on the primary target.

The Moonkin is a class for people who enjoy the utility of a Druid, but wish to do Ranged DPS, and enjoy being a large weird chicken ;)


Changes for 5.4

Being an already relatively powerful specialization, the Balance Druid did not undergo many changes for 5.4.

It was tweaked damage wise upwards a small to make it more in line with other ranged DPS classes, but that was about it.

#    Eclipse now energizes the Druid for 50% of their maximum mana when triggered, up from 35%.

#   Moonkin Form now increases the Druid’s armor by 60%, but no longer reduces all damage taken by 15%.

#   Shooting Stars now has a reduced chance to activate for each additional target affected by the same spell (Moonfire and Sunfire are tracked separately).

#   Starfall now deals 10% more damage.

#   Starfire now deals 10% more damage, but has its mana cost increased by 50%.

#   Starsurge has its mana cost increased by 50%.


Wow Balance Druid Talents and Glyphs 

Wow Balance Druid Talents and Glyphs

One thing that is notable is that almost universally all specializations of Druids use similar Talents.

While they are subjective, many of the Druid talents are much more powerful than others. For those reading my other Druid build guides, this tree will look very similar.

Level 15: Feline Swiftness brings good PvE and PvP utility. Balance Druids do not need to move as much, but this is very handy for escaping melee.

Level 30: When you need to take advantage of a good Eclipse, Nature`s Swiftness is by far the best.

Level 45: While Mass Entanglement may be better for certain Battlegrounds, Typhoon remains the best PvP choice.

Level 60: Incarnation is the best choice to give another DPS Cooldown.

Level 75: Ursol’s Vortex allows to cluster targets for both Starfall and Typhoon DPS.

Level 90: Nature’s Vigil offers increased damage, while offering some small healing utility as well.


WoW Balance Druid Glyphs – Major

Glyph of Innervate – Good for raids, and helping Healers.

Glyph of Stampede – Good for high mobility fights and PvP.

WoW Balance Druid Stat Priority, Gearing and Rotation

Stat Priority – Reforging and Gearing for 5.4

wow balance druid buildGearing in Mists of Pandaria for casters tends to be fairly straightforward, as the general drive is towards Pure Intellect.

Casters have a higher Hit % to achieve, but once you are past that secondary stats are not quite as important.

Intellect > 15% Spell Hit (Aim for Hit and Spirit) > Haste (To achieve a Breakpoint, at 5,273 or 10,289 Rating) > Crit > Mastery



WoW Balance Druid Rotation

Due to having to watch Eclipse, Balance Druids have a fairly interactive DPS rotation.

The downside of an interactive rotation is that due to movement or other mechanics it can have some “spin-up” time, similar to classes that use DoT’s.

  1. Keep Moonfire or Sunfire DoT on the target at all times. This is very important to maintain DPS.
  2. Use Starsurge whenever it is available.
  3. Use Starfall when it is on Cooldown.
  4. Caster Wrath or Starfire to build to an Eclipse. Weave Starsurge and Starfall inbetween casts of either spell, maintaining the Moonfire or Sunfire DoT on the target.

This is the basic rotation for Blanace Druids. It is important to use Cooldowns (Incarnation, Celestial Alignment) when triggering an Eclipse to gain the maximum benefit.


WoW Balance Druid Gems and Enchants

WoW Balance Druid Gems

It is worth gemming for haste as Balance if you are close to hitting a break point (When more haste drops a 1 off your cast time), otherwise it is better to gem for spirit and more throughput.

With gems, it is important to choose the gem based on how close you are to a haste breakpoint. If you are near one, gem for Crit, to get to one, gem for haste.

WoW Balance Druid Gems and EnchantsMeta: Burning Primal Diamond

Prismatic: Smooth Sun’s Radiance, Quick Sun’s Radiance

Blue: Energized Wild Jade, Misty Wild Jade

Red: Reckless Vermilion OnyxPotent Vermilion Onyx

Yellow: Smooth Sun’s Radiance, Quick Sun’s Radiance


WoW Balance Druid Enchants

Shoulders – Greater Crane Wing Inscription

Cloak – Enchant Cloak – Superior Intellect

Chest – Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats

Bracers – Enchant Bracer – Super Intellect

Gloves – Enchant Gloves – Greater HasteEnchant Gloves – Superior Mastery

Belt – Living Steel Belt Buckle

Legs – Greater Cerulean Spellthread

Boots – Enchant Boots – Greater PrecisionEnchant Boots – Greater Haste

Main Hand – Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit

Off Hand – Enchant Off-Hand – Major Intellect

Two Hand – Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit



wow balance druid talent buildBalance Druids are a unique Ranged DPS Class, with their own resource system, a collection of multifaceted schools of magic and a unique look on the battlefield.

If you want to weave different types of magic, maintain excellent utility and offer raid saving abilities, Balance Druid is for you.

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