WoW Enhancement Shaman Build Patch 5.4- Glyphs – Stat Priority – Rotation

The Enhancement Shaman is the class to play when you want to mix melee and elemental forces.

Using a combination of magic and physical based attacks, the Enhancement Shaman empowers their magic through sheer brute force.

Wielding two one handed weapons and striking with all manner of attacks, they are able to break past defenses quickly and with ease.

At one point in the game Enhancement Shamans could almost tank, and contained the highest possible burst damage due to the original Windfury attacks.

While those days are gone, what Enhancement brings to the table now is a huge amount of raid utility, buffs, and the ability to empower those around them.


Changes for Patch 5.4

WoW Enhancement Shaman BuildHere is an overview of some Enhancement specific buffs, but there were many others.

#    Fire Nova’s damage has been increased by 83%.

#   Stormstrike’s debuff now also affects Elemental Blast, but now deals 380% weapon damage (down from 450% weapon damage).



WoW Enhancement Shaman Talents and Glyphs

WoW Enhancement Shaman Talents and Glyphs

Enhancement’s primary focus is just that, the empowering of those around them. May of their abilities are focused on this, and their talent tree reflects that.

Level 15:  Astral Shift is very good utility for mitigating damage in boss and raid encounters.

Level 30: For PvP especially, Windwalk Totem combined with Ghost Wolf offer great mobility.

Level 45: Call of the Elements resets cooldowns on all totems, offering great DPS or survivability.

Level 60: Ancestral Swiftness provides 10% melee haste, a significant passive payoff. .

Level 75: For a time when Shamans need to put out that extra healing, Ancestral Guidance lets them do both tasks.

Level 90: With the increase in damage to the Primal Elementals, from a Enhancement Shaman they can do very significant damage.


WoW Enhancement Shaman Glyphs

World of Warcraft Enhancement Shaman BuildGlyph of Chain Lightning – Increased DPS if 4+ Targets

Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem – Good for fights that require multiple DPS Checks.

Glyph of Flame Shock – Small Survivability boost.

Glyph of Feral Spirit – Good for Survivability

Glyph of Unleashed Lightning – Also good for high mobility fights.


Wow Enhancement Shaman Stat Priority and Rotation

Stat Priority – Reforging for 5.4

As a melee, Enhancement Shamans must take into account the 7.5% Hit and Expertise caps before considering any other secondary stats.

For them, Haste is the best stat (Which is why Ancestral Swiftness is so good).


Agility > Expertise (7.5%) = Melee Hit (7.5%) > Haste > Mastery or Crit



WoW Enhancement Shaman Rotation and Cooldowns

WoW Enhancement Shaman RotationBuffs to Maintain at All Times:

MH: Windfury Weapon

OH: Flametongue Weapon

Lightning Shield


1.  Searing Totem as much as possible, Provides Searing Flames.
2. Lightning Bolt with 5 Maelstrom Weapon Stacks.
3. Stormstrike/Stormblast on Cooldown.
4. Flame Shock to Refresh Dot.
5. Lava lash on Cooldown
6. Unleash Elements on Cooldown
7. Earth Shock on Cooldown
8. Lightning Bolt as filler.


Cooldowns to Use and Watch:

Make sure to always cast Flame Shock when all trinket procs/weapon procs/Cooldowns are up, to maintain top DoT damage.

Ascendance, use on Cooldown. Spam Stormstrike.

Feral Spirit, on Cooldown

Fire Elemental Totem: Stack with self buffs for extra damage.

Shamanistic rage, on Cooldown


WoW Enhancement Shaman Gems and Enchants

WoW Enhancement Shaman Gems

WoW Enhancement Shaman gems and enchantsKeep in Mind the 7.5% Hit and Expertise, and then Gem for Haste.

Meta – Agile Primal Diamond

Prismatic – Delicate Primordial Ruby

Blue – Glinting Imperial Amethyst, Accurate Imperial Amethyst

Red – Delicate Primordial Ruby

Yellow – Deft Vermilion Onyx


WoW Enhancement Shaman Enchants

Shoulders – Greater Tiger Claw Inscription

Cloak – Enchant Cloak – Superior Critical Strike, Enchant Cloak – Accuracy

Chest – Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats

Bracers – Enchant Bracer – Greater Agility

Gloves – Enchant Gloves – Greater Haste, Enchant Gloves – Superior Expertise

Belt – Living Steel Belt Buckle

Legs – Shadowleather Leg Armor

Boots – Enchant Boots – Blurred Speed

Main Hand – Enchant Weapon – Dancing Steel

Off Hand – Enchant Weapon – Dancing Steel

Tips for Enhancement Shamans

#    Haste allows for greater uptime on Windfury Weapon, a primary source of damage for Enhancement Shamans.

#   Ascension allows for a massive DPS boost, try to use it to match with trinket procs and Dancing Steel cooldowns.

#   Make sure to spread Flame Shock via Lava Lash for AoE.

#   Mastery is not that useful for Enhancement, shy away from it.



enahncement shaman talent build guideEnhancement Shamans offer a unique playstyle, as a melee who also uses fire, nature and frost damage to blast enemies.

While not as powerful in PvP as some other melee, they have a good ability to kite stubborn melee, using their utility and survivability skills to avoid them.

While their rotation involves a lot of button mashing, it does mean they are relatively simple to excel with.

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